The BMJ Awards

The BMJ Awards

The BMJ Awards recognise and celebrate the extraordinary innovative work of healthcare teams across the UK, and each year we continue to highlight the best teamwork the NHS has to offer. Healthcare teams across the country have and continue to face immense pressures and increased demands for their expertise in response to COVID-19. But even in the most difficult circumstances exceptional projects and people across the country are going above and beyond to improve the lives of patients living in their communities. The BMJ Awards are the UK’s leading medical awards. Now celebrating 13 years of recognising the incredible work that healthcare teams across the country do every day. We aim to promote excellence in healthcare, showcase knowledge and experience that will inspire others, and give exposure to teams who demonstrate courage and passion for overcoming challenges in our common mission to improve healthcare and research, to help doctors make better decisions, to promote partnerships with patients, and to build a healthier world.

Every year, more than 350 teams enter The BMJ Awards and compete to get their work recognised in front of their peers, their organisation and the wider healthcare community.

The BMJ Awards are a fantastic opportunity to gain recognition for the professionalism, commitment, creativity, and hard work of healthcare teams across the UK. 

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