Awards Top Tips

Here are our Top Tips on how to write a winning submission and maximise your chances of being shortlisted.

  1. Start early – give yourself plenty of time to put together a really solid entry. Don’t leave it another month and be forced to rush something you would not be happy with – start now.
  2. Read criteria carefully – it is important that you ensure that your entry meets and addresses all the awards criteria.
  3. Answer the questions – follow the format and answer each question in a consistent and logical manner. The questions will be framed in a rational order so that your answers will tell a story.
  4. Take a step back – before completing your entry think carefully about the achievements you would like to highlight with your submission. Ask family, colleagues and employees to get as many ideas as possible and have a clear picture of what you will focus on in your entry.
  5. Keep it simple, yet specific – ensure your entry is easy to explain concisely, but specific facts and figures are mentioned rather than vague, woolly statements that will raise more questions than answers. This information will provide judges with the evidence they need in order to make a decision.
  6. Avoid too much technical jargon. The language used for an award entry should be straightforward and unmistakable. The challenges, achievements and benefits that you highlight must be demonstrated in clear and articulate manner.
  7. Be honest – no individual, team or organisation is perfect, so do not shy away from explaining issues that may have arisen in your work. We want to hear about how you have addressed difficult situations and tackled these effectively.
  8. Use attachments wisely . You are able attach pdf or word documents to your entry, such as research papers, case studies, graphs, financials etc. Make sure that all your supporting documentation is relevant, and not put in for the sake of bulking out your entry.
  9. Proof read your entry – make sure your entry has been carefully checked for spelling mistakes and typos before submitting, so that the work looks as professional on paper as it does in practice.

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