2017 Finalists: Where are they now?

2017 Finalists: Where are they now?

Category: Prevention Finalist

Project: High Impact Users
We have gone from a non-resourced team to a commissioned team. This year (2020) we’ve been selected by the West of England Academic Health Science Network as one of two teams in their “”Evidence into Practice”” project which means we’re rolling out our project in the neighbouring 6 Emergency Departments across our patch. This means vulnerable patients across the whole region will be offered the same high standard of care.
Rebecca Thorpe, Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Category: Innovation Finalist

Project: Collaborative cross-setting guidance & teaching about drugs for symptom control during the dying phase
The Anticipatory Prescribing Guidance (APG) continues to be integral to all care settings & used by all staff (4 years after initial roll out). Teaching continues as appropriate. The APG has been combined into the new care of the dying documentation in the acute hospital setting, and integral to the community syringe driver prescription chart. A novel APG for patients with renal failure (eGFR of less than 30) has been developed, and will be rolled out with teaching (akin to the original project) across Cornwall. Anticipatory Prescribing bundles have been developed on electronic prescribing systems, which has improved the prescribing of these medications (putting the guidance into practice)  and symptom control/care of those who are dying.
Jane Gibbins, Cornwall Hospice Care


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